The Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce (CBACC) wants to remind residents of the Conception Bay Area and the greater Avalon Peninsula that buying local is one of the best ways to grow our local economy and save our communities.

Research has shown that up to $0.86 of every $1 spent locally will circulate within the community, while as little as $0.14 of every $1 spent at a multinational chain remains in the community. And while online shopping has increased in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a tremendous amount of buying to the web. As Amazon’s shares soar, community shops close.

By supporting local businesses, we all benefit. Money spent in the community stays in the community, creating more local spending power, growing more businesses, creating more jobs, and growing a stronger tax base for improved services. It really is win-win. In fact, studies show that just a 10% change in purchasing behaviour towards local business would create 10,000 jobs in this province.*

In order to encourage residents of the CBA to buy local, the CBACC has created an easy to navigate business directory which will outline and highlight all the amazing local products and services offered by businesses in the area. The aim of the Buy Local – Grow Local campaign is to spread awareness of the benefits of shopping local, to promote businesses within the region, and to guide residents to the new, user-intuitive business directory.

Visit https://conceptionbayarea.ca/ to learn more about this exciting initiative and to explore the high-quality and diverse local offerings in the CBA.


Heather Howard
Executive Director

Conception Bay Area
Chamber of Commerce
T: (709) 834-5670

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