On Thursday, June 27th, the #CBAChamber Team was invited to join Costco Wholesale for its grand opening in Galway. This location tops their East End store by nearly 50,000 square feet, offering 185,000 total square feet of retail space, 1000 parking spots, and 24 gas pumps. 


New additions include a hearing aid center, automated checkouts, and 600 more products carried, including local brands. 

The new Costco location also blends in opportunities for small businesses through their ‘business centre,’ offering over 300 items for commercial purchase.


Restaurants have the opportunity to purchase commercial items locally by sourcing them through the Galway location.


Among standard kitchenware, the #CBAChamber Team took note of industrial meat grinders, 60qt stock pots, and more restaurant-grade equipment. Local restaurants can also find a wide array of bulk foods, including barrels of olive oil, packs of 200 chicken breasts, and our favourite, a pack of 1100 bags of Tetley Tea!


Furthering their local focus, Costco is providing Newfoundland artists visibility through their Newfoundland Art display, contractors have access to eight rows of contracting supplies, and the photo centre software is locally designed!

We also spoke to the Vice President for the Atlantic Canada Region, Gino Dorico. We asked, “If you could tell your fellow CBA Chamber members about the new location, what would you tell them?” 


Dorico said: “I’d tell them to come on down and experience this. We can save them money. We can save them 20-30% on their bottom line.” 

With 580 employees and a brand new 44 million dollar building, the new Costco location seems likely to drive further economic development in the Galway area. St. John’s Mayor Danny Breen calls the move “a vote of confidence” in the province’s economy.

{Image Source: @DannyBreenNL on Twitter}

The Chamber Team would like to congratulate Costco Wholesale on their expansion and their desire to work with small businesses! We’re excited to be celebrating their Grand Opening with them.

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