On Tuesday, July 30th, the CBA Chamber of Commerce had a breakfast session on how to use the project-management program, Trello. 

Trello is a free service that allows you to make a virtual Kanban board, an industrial development method invented in Japan. It helps you to visualize your schedule and foster a healthy work-life balance.

The session started at 8:30 am at the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, who provided their location with a wonderful breakfast buffet. The toutons were especially a crowd pleaser!

The sold-out session allowed 14 people, who brought their laptops, to participate in a Trello introductory course with our executive director, Heather – who is also the CEO of  H Digital Media .

Heather created and provided access to the course materials which served as an overview of the basic functions of Trello and how to effectively use it in your day-to-day life.

Attendees received five board templates, including a weekly calendar spread, an online course creation template, a referrals and pipeline template, and an example of how Heather uses Trello to collaborate with clients on website design projects.

During the session, Heather pulled out various tips and tricks for Trello. She demonstrated how versatile and seamless Trello can be in managing projects, event planning, personal calendars and even creating grocery lists! The session focused on a hands-on approach and allowed for one-on-one time to troubleshoot any issues attendees were experiencing.

Following the theme of productivity, Heather recommended The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, a book that provides insight into how to be more productive in every facet of your life.

At the Chamber, Trello is a vital part of our productivity and collaboration. This session fostered a deep sense of community, as everyone asked lots of questions, had open conversations and allowed participants to learn from each other.

Attendees were excited to see the many uses for Trello and were inspired by how to incorporate the program in their lives moving forward.

Thank you to our member, the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, for providing their location and breakfast services at this event!

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